Aug 042012

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Connecting the World to Stone Repair Professionals

Stone Restoration Specialists for Your Home

We understand that your natural stone surface represents a significant investment in your home or business. Our members specialize in repairing, restoring and refinishing a wide range of natural stone surfaces including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Terrazzo and many other natural stone products. The specialists of the Stone Repair Network are highly trained and experienced. SRN members are kept up to date on the latest restoration techniques and service is done quickly and professionally with minimal disruption and mess.

The Stone Repair Network is dedicated in providing quality restoration, repair and maintenance through a network of stone repair professionals. Our network is committed to the education of both the consumer and the industry in the advancement of stone restoration.

Advice for Homeowners, Connections for Stone Repair Professionals

Our forum will keep you informed of the latest technology and Industry news. We have experienced network members from all over the world. This equates to a great deal of experience with all types of stone and the issues that come with the repair and installation of the stone products. For the stone professional that means access to the latest techniques, products, training and advice at their fingertips.

Classes Taught by Experienced Stone Restoration Specialists

We offer a comprehensive class on the art of detailed restoration and repair of natural stone. This class offers the student the experience of performing multiple types of repairs, honing and the highly coveted art of top polishing natural stone. From just the basics for those who are just beginning to advanced repair techniques for those who want improve their stone restoration techniques, each student will receive instruction and expert advice on scratch removal, chip repairs, seam repairs, matching factory surface finish, color blending and matching.

This class is held by the members of the Stone Repair Network, highly experienced stone restoration professionals and fabricators not sponsored by a company product. There is no pitch, no seats, no technical books, just hands on instruction on some of the most advanced restoration techniques out there.

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