Class Outline


When you take the Stone Repair Network’s Intensive Countertop Repair Class, you’ll learn:

Top Polishing Granite

  • Controlling your machine – learning to keep the pad flat.
  • Reading the scratch Pattern – Knowing how long to run each pad.
  • Feathering it out – Keeping the work area tight while blending into the factory finish.
  • Popping the shine
  • Pad maintenance and storage – treat them right and they will treat you right

Removing scratches

  • Knowing when to grind and when to fill
  • Making it disappear

Chip Repair

  • Preparing the area
  • Color matching – making it look natural
  • Filling it – what kind of products to use
  • Leveling it
  • Bringing up the shine – The 3 SRN adhesive polishing methods.

Crack Repair

  • Making a crack look as natural as possible while giving bonding strength.


  • Preparing the surface
  • Color matching the adhesive
  • Setting the seam
  • Leveling, grinding, honing, top polishing the stone
  • Hiding the seam – color blending, spot matching, and breaking it up
  • Top Coating the seam

Cleaners & Sealers

  • Using different types of sealers for different applications

All tools included and yours to keep.

Each class is custom tailored to the students individual experience level and what they want to get out of the class. While most students will accomplish most of the tasks in the outline some may not have enough time or ability to take in all the information in a 2 day class. All students of the class can return to the class for advanced procedures beyond this basic outline free of tuition as long as they participate on the SRN Forums.

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Stone Countertop Repair Class Only $1300


When you take the Stone Repair Network’s Intensive Floor Restoration Class, you’ll learn:

*Basic equipment instruction and handling.
* Preparation of work site.
* Selecting the correct equipment and consumables from residential to commercial sites.
*The principles of honing and polishing.
* Assessment of floor.
* Crystallization- the good the bad the ugly.
* Identification of types of natural stone.
* Identification of damage.
* Repairing cracks and holes.
*Procedures for maintenance .
*Cleaning and sealing.
* The use of cutting edge techniques to maximize your time on site.
“Real life” scenarios of floor restoration.

For the advanced student we offer tricks and tips that can expedite the time on site with professional results.

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