Removing Tile From Terrazzo


I get this question asked all the time from consumers who have terrazzo under there tile floors.

I want to rip out the carpet and pry up the tile, Is it likely that the terrazzo underneath can be saved ?

The biggest problem having ceramic tile on terrazzo for decades and once it has been removed, 98% of the time you’ll have a checker board pattern. There are two main reasons why this happens. One, the limestone in the grout mix which makes terrazzo floor very porous and susceptible for holding moisture. Two, there’s dye in the grout mix. So, with those two combination, this is what causes the grout staining. Plus, depending on what type of adhesive that was used for the tile installation, there’s a very good chance when removing the tile & adhesive, pitting will accrue which in turn, repairs will needed to correct the pitting. It’s a costly & a very slow process. Let me give you some good advice on how to remove ceramic tile & adhesive from your floor.

1. A Hammer, Scraper, safety glasses & knee pads are the best tools, Granted, it will take a while…However you’ll minimize creating pitting & gouge the floor. Note: IF you mechanically remove the tiles, just make sure your blade on your tile removal machine doesn’t gouge the floor.

2. After the tiles have been removed, Do Not Use Water to soften the the grout mix . Reason for this, you’ll activate the dry from the grout causing it to seep deeper in the floor matrix. So hand scrape it dry, its ok to leave some of the adhesive on the floor, i’m sure a restoration specialist can grind the rest off.

Take a look at the pictures below. notice in the first picture the apprentice is vacuuming the floor… Now look at the floor closely, notice the lines in the floor? that is grout line staining. Now, look at the 2nd picture, you ‘ll notice that 99% of the stains was removed.

After you have remove the tile from the floor, contact your local SRN professional in your area for a consultation, he or she will be able to give you real expectation on how your floor will turn out.