Colorado’s Contribution


Yule marble is found in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado near the town of Marble. It is famous for it’s uniform white consistency, lacking for the most part the gray streaking that is commonly found in other marbles, found in Vermont and Georgia. The Yule marble deposit is among the largest in the world, at 99% pure calcite it is one of the purest marble ever quarried.
The snowy white Yule marble is favored by some sculptors for it’s white color and was used for a number of major national and state landmarks, most notably the Tomb of the Unknowns (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) in Arlington National Cemetery, The Lincoln Memorial, and the Equitable Building skyscraper in New York City.
Because of it’s aesthetic value, Yule marble was selected for the facing, columns and detailing of the Lincoln Memorial. The marble used for the Tomb Of The Unknowns was selected because it was the only quarry that could provide a solid block of the dimensions required. The 56 ton block was the largest single piece of marble ever quarried at that time.
The previous owner of the lease on the quarry had been commissioned to find a new block of perfect marble to replace the existing Tomb of the Unknowns that came from the same quarry almost 80 years ago. The current Tomb is cracked and need of replacement. In 2004 Polycor the second largest stone company in North America, acquired the Yule Marble quarry and quarried the replacement block for the Tomb monument. The block has been offered free of charge to Arlington as well as all shipping cost paid. Bureaucracy has brought the project to a slow crawl.
Marble is a metamorphic rock created through the heating and compression of limestone. Yule marble was formed from the metamorphosis of Leadville limestone in the area. No other valley in Colorado contains significant marble deposits.

By Denver Stone Care