SRN Membership Benefits



Access to Trades Areas

Full access to the trades area, including sub-forums with detailed information on procedures for repairs and advanced restoration techniques
*Included is step- by- step procedures, advice and consultation on issues of repair and equipment\material needed to perform repair.Professional advice from SRN fabricators and installers on installation/fabrication issues.
*Included is advice and consultation on a variety of issues, design, technical data and repair.Help and information with contracts, insurance, and primary business start-up.
Advice,consultation and “How -tos” to obtain contracts, information on insurance and the basics needed to start up and run a service. Eliminate the hours of searching for the correct information.
Network with Other Stone Professionals
Get advice from other stone professionals on procedures, chemicals, and products.
* Get the facts on stone repair, restoration, supplies etc. from the members of the forum.Discuss and implement procedures to advance your service from the rest.
Job referrals from Consumer Forum.
* Implementing our Consumer base forum. Our network will refer you to the customer in your area or specialization. Be the first in line to get the job.
Receive potential leads in your area via our Consumer Forum. Our Service Directory is fully accessible to consumers.
As an SRN member you will receive:
1. A listing on our “Find a Pro”* page. This includes a one paragraph description of your business
2. A direct link to your website.
3. The use of SRN logo on your site
Special value benefits for class participants.
For SRN Alumni that have successfully completed the class.
1.One year free membership to the SRN forum.
2.Direct link to your website.
3. A listing on our “Find a Pro”* page including an exclusive page with description of your business with testimonials of your customers.
4. The use of the SRN logo on your website.
5. Access to exclusive Alumni forum .
*The Find A Pro page is exclusively for SRN Members/Alumni in current standing.