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Why Is There An SRN

First and foremost to help our members succeed with their services.
For those starting up a business or wanting to advance their skills, the SRN was designed to assist in meeting  those  goals.

 We offer a stone restoration class that is tailored to the needs of the individual.
From the basics to advanced techniques, the class is a practical hands-on experience to help the student gain knowledge of stone repair and restoration.  Read More

SRN Membership Benefits

Full access to the trades area, including sub-forums with detailed information on procedures for repairs and advanced restoration techniques
*Included is step- by- step procedures, advice and consultation on issues of repair and equipment\material needed to perform repair.

Professional advice from SRN fabricators and installers on installation/fabrication issues.
*Included is advice and consultation on a variety of issues, design, technical data and repair.  ReadMore

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