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The Stone Repair Network offers a comprehensive class on the art of detailed restoration and repair of natural stone. This stone repair class offers the student the experience of performing multiple types of repairs, honing and the highly coveted art of top polishing natural stone. From just the basics for those who are just beginning to advanced repair techniques for those who want improve their stone restoration techniques, each student will receive instruction and expert advice on scratch removal, chip repairs, seam repairs, matching factory surface finish, color blending and matching.

This class is held and instructed by the members of the Stone Repair Network, highly experienced stone restoration professionals and fabricators not sponsored by a company product. The instructors have taught their tips and techniques to over 100 students in the past 5 years including students from all over the US, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

This class is a must if you want to stand out in the stone restoration field.

The only organization that has an active forum of professionals for continued support after the class.

All hands-on training

Equipment provided for you to keep

Our class is unique in the way that not only is it a true hands-on training experience, but that our forum is there to help Alumni after the class. This provides reinforcement of techniques, questions and any other issues that may come up after participating in the class.In addition to this benefit we are the only class out there that upon membership to the SRN you can take the class as many times as you like learning and advancing your techniques.

Our facilities for the class are located in Rochester NY at a professional fabrication shop that has been in the stone trade for generations. This gives us the advantage of having many different types of natural stone and materials to use for our class and allows us to expand our curriculum to tailor the experience for the student. We continually test and try out new products and processes to give our students the most advanced training available.

In addition to the ultimate in hands-on repair class, you receive the tools used for natural stone counter top restoration. This includes a professional Milwaukee variable polisher with case, a full set of diamond pads, an array of adhesives and much more. All included in price of tuition! Start earning money right away!

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Stone Repair Class Only $1300

Floor Restoration Class

The Stone Repair Network offers a Floor restoration/repair class for natural stone.
This two day class incorporates the basics of floor restoration and repair as well as advanced techniques.

Whether the student is starting in stone restoration service or the seasoned professional advancing their skills, the SRN floor class is designed to give you the most efficient results as well as professional advice and information after the course is completed.

We offer small class sizes to ensure individualized instruction and a flexible class schedule to accommodate floor service companies.

Floor Class description.

The SRN floor class is structured to give the student both theory, hands on experience and individual attention from SRN instructors. From the beginner to the advanced student we can help give you the optimum results in the service industry.

The Floor class curriculum includes:

*Basic equipment instruction and handling.
* Preparation of work site.
* Selecting the correct equipment and consumables from residential to commercial sites.
*The principles of honing and polishing.
* Assessment of floor.
* Crystallization- the good the bad the ugly.
* Identification of types of natural stone.
* Identification of damage.
* Repairing cracks and holes.
*Procedures for maintenance .
*Cleaning and sealing.
* The use of cutting edge techniques to maximize your time on site.
“Real life” scenarios of floor restoration.

For the advanced student we offer tricks and tips that can expedite the time on site with professional results.


Atlantic Granite & Marble Rochester NY

2 Day Floor Class Only $1100