Floor Restoration Classes


                                                            Floor Restoration Class

The Stone Repair Network offers a Floor restoration/repair class for natural stone.
This two day class incorporates the basics of floor restoration and repair as well as advanced techniques.

Whether the student is starting in stone restoration service or the seasoned professional advancing their skills, the SRN floor class is designed to give you the most efficient results as well as professional advice and information after the course is completed.

We offer small class sizes to ensure individualized instruction and a flexible class schedule to accommodate floor service companies.

Class description.

 The SRN floor class is structured to give the student both theory, hands on experience and individual attention from SRN instructors. From the beginner to the advanced student we can help give you the optimum results in the service industry.

The class curriculum includes:

*Basic equipment instruction and handling.

* Preparation of work site.

* Selecting the correct equipment and consumables from residential to commercial sites.

*The principles of honing and polishing.

* Assessment of floor.

* Crystallization- the good the bad the ugly.

* Identification of types of natural stone.

* Identification of damage.

* Repairing cracks and holes.

*Procedures for maintenance .

*Cleaning and sealing.

* The use of cutting edge techniques to maximize your time on site.

“Real life” scenarios of floor restoration.


Location: Atlantic Granite & Marble Rochester NY

April 6th & 7th 2013
August 3rd & 4th 2013
January 5th & 6th 2014
  To schedule a More convenient Date for your Company or have the Stone Repair Network bring the class to your facility, Email tim@stonerepairnetwork.com, Call 585-330-4370 or Click Here for more information.

2 Day Floor Class Only $1100